Working Remotely

June 20, 2020 | ALL POSTS

Covid has had an impact on many aspects of our lives.  As we shelter in place, many of us have re-evaluated our daily routines and wondered if there is a better way. In much the same way, companies have come to realize that the traditional office environment is transitional.  Employees can stay connected and be productive outside of the office.



Working remotely isn’t a new concept.  Many freelancers and independent contractors have been working from home for years.  And many entrepreneurs started their businesses with a laptop and a dream – working at a local cafe. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.



Covid put companies in a remote work situation before they were ready, forcing many to adapt and course-correct along the way. While we have successfully flattened the curve, we’re not out of the woods yet. Now that we’re reopening businesses, companies have tough choices ahead.  Many are beginning to wonder, are we ready to come back to the office?



Enter companies like Industrious and WeWork. These flexible work spaces offer a great alternative to the large, downtown office.  Employees can rent a work space and membership can provide access to common areas to host meetings and team-building sessions. But these services come at a high cost, space is not often private, and leases are required.

Understanding this new need, we’ve developed a program at the Wicker Park Inn. We now offer Private Offices that truly are private spaces.  Our guest rooms serve as the perfect remote working station.  Each room includes a secure VPN and ethernet connection, individual heating and cooling, private bathrooms and plush seating. Guests may also rent our common area to host private group meetings.  The meeting space includes amenities such as a white board, TV screen and AV equipment.



To learn more, please visit our website and click on Private Office.  You may also call us at 773-486-2743 to schedule a private office space for yourself or your staff. With rates as low as $50/day and no leases, the Wicker Park Inn is a safe, secure, and smart way to work remotely.