Top 3 Yoga Studios in Wicker Park

February 15, 2021 | Wellness

Where to downward dog with some of Chicago’s hippest yogis.

Chicago’s Wicker Park offers some of the very best of the city. From restaurants and bars to shopping and fitness facilities. Over the last three years, Wicker Park has seen an increase in fitness studios ranging from cycling to barre, reformer pilates to bootcamp. However, yoga has always held its own in Wicker Park. Here’s a list of our Top 3 Yoga Studios in Wicker Park.

*The list below has been updated to include only options that offer open-air, virtual, and/or distanced classes during Covid-19. 

1.105F Chicago’s Original Hot Yoga

“The instructors are wonderful and considerate of beginners.”

Instructors lead a variety of classes—hot and not, physically demanding or relaxing. Each of the studio locations contain a practice room that’s heated to 105 degrees with 40%–45% humidity, creating a sweat-inducing setting that aids practitioners by loosening their muscles as they move through each sequence.


  1. Eb and Flow Studio

“Great instructor, great studio, perfect temperature – loved this place!”

Eb and Flow Studio’s mission and intention is to create a community where all feel welcomed, inspired, and have fun! Through yoga, we hope to share with others the knowledge, blessings, and laughter in balancing the ebb and flow of life.


3.. Zen Yoga Garage

“Everyone is very passionate about their work, fitness and wellness, good vibes.”

Slightly heated at a range of 85-95 degrees, Zen Yoga Garage offers an extreme high-intensity yoga-based workout. They incorporate weights to work large and small muscle groups with compound exercises for a total body efficient workout.  Expect to feel the Burn as the class has cardio bursts and weight lifting.