5 Ways To Be More Sustainable This Holiday

December 5, 2020 | Wellness

We know holidays will  be a little different this year but that doesn’t mean your celebratory spirit has to wither in reality’s wake. More important to us this year is minimizing our consumption and making more conscious choices in our spending power. Utilizing local and readily available resources, and being a little more slow in our attempts to perfect the holiday vibe.

Below are 5 ways you can be a little more green, a little more impactful this gifting season and decorate in a thoughtful way.  Hint – these could easily turn into a fun family weekend project! And will definitely fill you with the feeling of cheer. 

  1. Send e-cards, reservations, subscriptions, and gift cards.
  2. Use brown paper grocery bags as wrapping paper! Repurpose old string, ribbon, or cloth cut to the width of ribbon to create a unique yet timeless look.
  3. Gift an experience over a material item, like a staycation package at Wicker Park Inn, a virtual wine tasting class, a massage, or museum tickets!
  4. Forage for Decor! Trees, branches, or loose pine cones and pine branches make the perfect winter bouquet to bundle. You can hang along your staircase, mantel, wall, or front door. Or you can garnish your gifts with a few foraged pieces with cranberry, eucalyptus, or dried orange slices for a pop of color. 
  5. Gift pre-loved books! Add a little something sweet by leaving a note inside. Say what part of the book makes you think of them most or why you think the book is good for them. You can gift baked goods (who doesn’t love fresh baked bread?!) or send gratitude letters for a more impactful “small” gift. Beats spending $10 on a throw away gift with little personality and no meaning.