Visiting Chicago This Summer?

June 6, 2023 | EVENTS IN CHICAGO

 Here’s what you should pack…


It’s hard to beat #SummerTimeChi but it goes without saying, we’re still a windy city even in the summer. Our summers can see heights of 80s but we also have spots of cool winds, rain, and at night, it can get cold. If it’s not August, it’s best to pack the right items to ensure you’re prepared for all the faces of the city during the summer months. Below is a packing checklist for your next trip to Chi-town!



Light jacket



Water Bottle 

Comfy Shoes


Bag (a small clear or tote that you can fold down for concert halls, museums, and Cubs games)

Vaccination Card (pic on your phone is OK)


And a pro-tip for the gents, if you plan on hitting the fancier bars or a nicer dinner spot: the Bar Dress Code in Chicago tends to be more restrictive on men, especially night clubs. Jeans are def acceptable, some places may not accept you if you’re in gym sneakers, and no hats!

girl outstretched on mosaic tiled water fountain