Wicker Park Experience On a Budget

August 15, 2021 | ALL POSTS

Although a weekend getaway or an overnight staycay is appealing, oftentimes spending top dollar to have the full experience can be daunting to face. Yet, in the country’s third largest city, a big bag of money is actually not a necessary requirement to have the full Chicago (even Wicker Park) experience. In reality, many of us Chicagoans enjoy the fruits of the Windy City at a low to no cost at all. Especially in the summer!


Below, we’ve detailed a handful of ways to get the full experience during your time in the city (and Wicker Park) without spending too much at all. There’s a wealth of activities and experiences available to both residents and visitors. 

Picnic in the Park

With the utensils, bags and other helpful items from the Inn, you can complete you picnic basket by heading down the street to Go Grocer, Fox Trot, or Dominick’s. You can even prep your grocery haul at the Inn if you need! If you’re feeling a little fancier we highly suggest heading to our pals at All Together Now for their dedicated picnic box. Grab your grub, something to sip on and a blanket and head to Wicker Park to lay in the sun and take in the local camaraderie. 


Cook at “Home”

Stay “inn” (pardon our pun) and whip up a tasty dish in our chef’s kitchen. Wicker Park Inn has a swell of cooking tools fit for a proper Thanksgiving dinner, so you can definitely make a stellar dinner for two and dine in bed while watching your fave movie. Feeling like a drink? Send us an email and we’ll have wine from a local vendor sent over. Sounds like a dream, right?!

Cruise the CTA

Feel like seeing the city but want to keep your eyes exploring? Try cruising the Brown Line, or one of the many above ground Chicago transit lines that allow you a birds eye view of a multitude of Chicago’s unique neighborhoods and architecture.

Beach Day Like a Local 

Sure, we’ve all known where the beaches are when you arrive in Chicago. But hit the lake like a local and take the path north. From Belmont Harbor and up, you’ll find a swell of local swim spots with less fuss and a more relaxing vibe to enjoy Chicago’s best season: summer.


See the City On a Bike

Want to skip the CTA and feel the breeze on your back? Rent a bike and make your way through local neighborhoods, bars, taco joints, or whatever you fancy. So much of the city’s most famous sights are all within biking distance from the Inn.