Wellness Inn Wicker Park Event Wrap Up

January 13, 2020 | EVENTS

Wellness Inn Wicker Park was a one day retreat for the body and mind. The event focused on self-wellness and improvement with an emphasis on healing. The retreat hosted ten different vendors, in private rooms, each offering a unique and purpose-driven experience. From yoga and meditation, to a coach-lead boundaries workshop, healing crystals and essentials oils, tarot readings and massages. The guests arrived with welcoming smiles from the Inn staff and a glass of freshly-prepared mimosa. They were then ushered to the heart of the Inn, the kitchen, where they were given the download on which rooms will offer the activity of their choice, delectable bakery bites from locally owned Artemio Bakery, Topo Chico refreshments and a coffee bar.  


  Nestled in front of the windows, along the large dining table, was a seasonal flower crown class. The warm and colorful flowers beckoned your eyes while the aromas of the massage chair opposite the table in a nook of the Kitchen space put all at ease. Already content in balance, the Wellness event was off to a warm start.   


  Over the next several hours guests enjoyed activities such as Ayurveda Yoga, a Cacao Ceremony as well as Boundary Workshops. One could peruse the vintage shop and buy one-of-kind, curated pieces or learn about the healing properties of essential oils. Better yet, add to or jump start your crystal collection that also boasts mythical properties intended to clarify and create a more intentional existence. Guests raved about the relaxing schedule of events that truly allowed each attendee to choose their experience and ‘go with the flow’.  


  We look forward to curating more experiencing that benefit the mind and body as well as making meaningful connections with our fellow community seeking an oasis in a sometimes hectic and noisy urban environment.