Ways to Practice and Exercise Gratitude 

November 13, 2021 | Wellness

The winter season is upon us and thus the time to celebrate the holidays. This year, after the last few holiday seasons of what seemed like a world-wide wake up call on the importance of home and humanity, we can’t overlook the importance of gratitude. Gratitude both for yourself and for others, how you can share it, express it, and internalize it. The following list of practices can be done alone, with pals, for others or for your mental health. Regardless of the motive, we could all use a helping hand in some way or another. Let us know how these worked out for you!



There are SO many places to volunteer your time in Chicago. You can volunteer to serve meals, pack up grocery boxes, tutor, or run errands for those in need. Among the slew of local organizations to check out, here are a few we like. And if you’re looking for a more extensive list, head to this website!

LakeView Pantry

Girl Talk

West Town Bikes

The Night Ministry 




When considering your bandwidth parallel to your gratitude, how much time do you have to show your gratitude, to give back? Some of us may be just too busy to extend themselves in-person, but donating supplies, funds, and on-going support is another stellar way to show gratitude. 


Buy someone coffee 

Instantly boost someone’s mood, spread joy, and inspire others around you to replicate this small but spirited act of gratitude: buy someone coffee, tea, or lunch! You can do this by random, when standing in line (buying for the person behind you) or sending a friend Venmo funds to cover the cost of the item. The small gesture will surely make someone’s day.

Send a thank you note

What’s better than getting a handwritten note or a random email from a good friend, college – old or new – a letter of gratitude. Consider what you’ve learned or gained from knowing them. Express your gratitude for their presence in your life. It’s a sure way to warm the recipient and raise your good energy frequency. 


List 5 Things!

Notice your wins throughout the day, regardless of size. Many of us only zero in, spend a lot of mental energy, aka dwell on the negative, the mistakes we make. Rather, make an effort to give that same amount of energy to the wins regardless of their size. Did a stellar job with being focused all day? Made it to the gym? Bring your own bags to the grocery store? Those are all wins! And if you find yourself wanting to give even more energy to the good in your day, before falling asleep, think of 5 things you are grateful for that day. It’s a stellar alternative to scrolling Instagram until your eyes burn.