Top Wicker Park Pizzerias

March 13, 2021 | WICKER PARK HOT SPOTS

Grab a slice, a pie, order Piece, get it delivered, or make a reservation for a heated patio for one of these tasty (and a few legendary) pizza joints in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. If you’re a human being, you pretty much like pizza. You can dress it up or strip it back,  it’s still nice to eat and something almost everyone loves. What Chicago has that only few other cities do have: a variety of respected and delicious pizzerias. There is a type and topping for everyone, literally! Below you’ll find a short list of Wicker Park pizzerias (mostly) within walking distance from Wicker Park Inn!

Piece Brewery 

Lou Malnati’s Carry Out

Paradise Park

Jet’s Pizza

Pizza Metro

Parlor Pizza Bar Wicker Park



Roots Handmade Pizza

Bacci Pizzeria 

Dimo’s Pizza Wicker Park

Craft Pizza

Knead Great Pizza