Top 6 Places to Get Tacos in Wicker Park

April 30, 2021 | Food and Drinks

Cinco de Mayo is upon us and Chicago is among the best places to celebrate this domestic Mexican holiday! Ya know, Cinco de Mayo is not really a thing in Mexico.  It’s more of an American holiday.  But that doesn’t stop me from celebrating my heritage or enjoying delicious Mexican food. 

Did you know that the largest immigrant population in the city is Mexican? And every local knows at least 10 places that they love to get horchata, tacos, queso fundido, or churros. Just driving around the city you’ll see dozens of Mexican restaurants, from mom and pop to heavy hitters that are nationally recognized. At the Wicker ParK Inn, we have our favorite delicious hot spots and hole in the wall places that we like to recommend to our guests. Below you’ll find 6 of our most coveted places to get tacos within walking distance from the inn. Don’t forget the marg!

1 Antique Taco

2 Mariscos La Costa 2

3 Big Star

4 Picante Taquera

5 Takito Kitchen

6 Taqueria Guanajuato