Top 5 US Cities To Work Remotely

March 4, 2022 | Wellness

It’s true, remote work is becoming the standard practice in a majority fields, especially as Millennials and Gen-Z’ers are making the choice for a job its flexible work standards versus a higher salary. We tend to agree with the philosophy of working where you are most inspired, where you can thrive, and why CAN’T your work adjust for that, especially if all your work is done on a computer. Even better, there are a multitude of virtual options for team meetings events, and bonding opportunities. Now, more than ever, forging your professional path is easier and individual with the option to work from home. 

1- Atlanta 

Among the top US-cities to head to for a remote-work oasis is Atlanta, Georgia. It offers a myriad of benefits like super speedy wifi download speeds, plenty of co-working spots, and a wealth of accessible cultural attractions and nature not far away. 

2- New Jersey

It comes to no ones surprise that just over the Hudson, across from one of the most populated and expensive cities in the US, is an ideal city to work remotely. New Jersey offers a ton of benefits, especially to city-dwellers and seekers who like the night life but don’t want to pay the price. Although it’s much more car-friendly than NYC, it actually offers a wealth of public transportation and even easy access to NYC. Also, cost of living is much more affordable and more tax breaks for the fiscally conscious.

3- Portland

Portland, Oregon has been a long-time retreat for many West Coast techies looking for a simpler lifestyle and access to plenty of nature and not to mention the free public wifi through the cities. 

4- Austin

Austin is quickly becoming a cultural hub for tech and music, outside of its annual festivities. The liberal city offers quaint life with a plethora of alternatives to Dallas and bordering states. Considering a job in the remote field? Check out Build In Austin to view jobs ready for your resume!

5- Chicago

Named the second most beautiful city in the world, Chicago offers a high standard of living, clean and safe parks, public attractions, and a bustling workforce that is quickly welcoming the hybrid lifestyle. If you’re considering moving here or looking to transition to full-time remote work, don’t pass up the opportunity try it out. At Wicker Park Inn we offer work space plus overnight accommodations.  Think flexible hours, space, fast wifi and affordable day to month pricing options to work remote without having to make space on your kitchen counter.