Top 10 Chicago Healthy Hotspots We Love 

January 6, 2020 | ALL POSTS

Staying healthy these days isn’t as tough as it once was. Whether you like it or not, the tsunami of gluten-free, farm forward, and non-GMO offerings have taken the foodie scene by storm and to be honest, we’re very OK with that. Opinions aside, having a healthy option when you travel that tastes good and doesn’t require a long look at google maps is kind of like a slice of pie you never knew you needed until it was served. Luckily, the windy city is also known for its food offerings and what proclaimed foodie town wouldn’t have a substantial slew of healthy hot spots to hit?! We’ve gathered some of our very favorite, some of the most visited, and some of the most beloved green eateries to try. 
  1. LYFE Kitchen | 831 N State Street
  2. Upton’s Breakroom | 2054 W Grand Avenue 
  3. Handlebar | 2311 W North Avenue 
  4. Ground Control! | 3315 W Armitage Avenue 
  5. Goddess and Grocer | 1649 N Damen Avenue 
  6. No Bones Beach Club | 1943 W North Avenue 
  7. The Chicago Diner | 2333 N Milwaukee Avenue 
  8. Galit | 2429 N Lincoln Avenue 
  9. Navite Foods | 1484 N Milwaukee Ave
  10. Unami Burger | 1480 N Milwaukee Ave