5 Ways to Introduce Spring Into Your Decor

April 29, 2022 | Wellness

If you follow our Instagram or Pinterest, you know that we love flowers and we love pastels. I mean, our kitchen and wallpaper speak to our design aesthetic! With Spring in the air and the good weather rolling into the Chicago area (YAY), we’ve decided that not just our wardrobe needs a little breath of fresh air. Adding color, florals, fresh plants, and flowers to your home’s decor can really help roll in the summer season starting within. Waking up to fresh flowers, green shrubbery in the window, pastel-colored sheets, pillow covers, and hand towels can help mentally shift you to a brighter mood instantly. Below are 3 ways to introduce pastel into your decor without having to do a major rehab or spend a ton of money.

Flowers, plants, and other greenery

Seasonal flowers, new plants, and consider planting some herbs or seeds in the front lawn, backyard, or mini-window garden. Bring in the kiddos for a teaching moment on the cycle of life: planting your seed, watering and nurturing your soil, watching it grow, and then eating and enjoying it!


Fresh scents and open windows

Finally, it’s nice enough to open the windows and breathe life into your home. In fact, science has proven that fresh air even daily can help reduce pathogens living within your home. Try 15 minutes a day even on cooler days. Also, this is a great time to consider organic home sprays, cables, incense, or fragrant flowers to incorporate a sensitizing shift in the space, especially if you share the home with others. 

Change up your linens

Add pastels and linens with floral patterns, graphics, and lightweights like waffle cotton or linen. You can also swap out heavy blankets for lighter ones and add in a little pastel pink or purple to your bedding like sheets or pillowcases to brighten your mood. 

 Make your outdoor space feel like inside

Just like the planting of seeds, with the Spring season comes the chance to spend more time outdoors. Invite your friends, loved ones, or neighbors by creating a cozy space on your porch or patio. You can add things like an outdoor rug, candles, and lanterns, potted plants, or even cushions! 



Spring cleaning 101, the first step is acknowledging you have too much. The second step is to declutter! It will guarantee a mood shift and open up a world of possibilities. If only mentally.