Spring Cleaning Checklist 

March 27, 2022 | Wellness

Spring is here! Finally, Chicago! Along with our extended daylight hours, most of us experience a burst of rejuvenation that makes us want to thrust ourselves into any thing outside or without a coat. We get it, Chicago basically has winter 6+ months out of the year. But along with our revitalized source of can-do energy comes the need to clean deep, store away the heavy winter clothes and shift your housing accessories and appliances for spring summer. Below we’ve created a checklist for spring cleaning around the casa. Here’s to a fresh start this summer! 


  • Replace furnace and air conditioner filters 
  • Check and clean dryer vent, stove hood, and room fans
  • Check seals on refrigerator and freezer; clean refrigerator coils; clean and adjust burner surfaces
  • Test your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors and change the battery
  • Sanitize handles, switches, and high-touch surfaces like cupboards and fridge


  • Remove all clothing/items in the closet
  • Dust the interior, spot cleans scuffs, deep clean flooring
  • Sort your clothes between those you do wear and have not more than once this year (outside of special occasion pieces etc)
  • Donate, discard, or consider repurposing the use of the items you may love or like but no longer use on a regular basis (you could even sell them on Poshmark!)
  • Separate your remaining clothing into seasons and store away winter clothing