Our Favorite Mocktail Drinks

September 4, 2021 | Food and Drinks

With Summer coming to an end in, some of us might want to give our mind, bodies, and wallet a little cleanse before the colder temps hits. Alcohol is often among the top habits to kick when fasting, dieting, or cleansing. One wonderful “invention” the pandemic brought us was a handful of new, chic, and delightful mocktail options you can buy bottled, use as an aperitif, mixer, or recreate at home. Below are a mix of recipes we love and a few pre-bottled brands we adore. 


The self-proclaimed “over the influence” chic branding and bottled booze-free aperitif is inspired by the Mediterranean and one for all. Yes, they are sans alcohol but they also welcome all to try the drink at your choosing. So if you would like to add a little vodka or tequila, feel free! They’re reviews and customers are top notch – you don’t miss this one if you spot it on your shelves. In Chicago, you can find them locally at Foxtrot locations. 



Their bitters and soda spritzer will instantly transport you to the beach of Italy, becoming the water or side piece to bring you another aperol spritz minus the hangover. 


The cutest mini-cans are hard to ignore but you can’t go wrong with their lineup,which can also conveniently be found at your local Foxtrot. This aromatic non-alcoholic spritz-like beverage has hibiscus, spice, and citrus notes. If this isn’t summer in a can we don’t know what is. 

Kombucha Marg Mocktail

Mexican Independence Day is just around the corner. (The real one celebrated on September 16th not Cinco de Mayo.) Margaritas are definitely on my mind. Curb your craving (at least for a little) and avoid the hangover by swapping our tequila for ginger Kombucha. Add a flare of flavor by swapping simple or agave syrup for hibiscus simple syrup.  Add lime juice and wedges, a little honey, and some chopped cilantro to top. Need a little help with exact measurements – search for it on Pinterest! 

Golden Glow Water

Thanks to one of our fave chefs from our earlier blog, you can sip on a drink made for the gods: Golden Glow Water. Perhaps best when sipped or topped with some sparkling water, this concoction is worth the effort and can last you several days. This mocktail is ideal for “boozy” brunches. Or light day drinking you’d opt for when catching up with the girls but plan to head to the gym or yoga after.