Have Fun In Your Kitchen Again

March 28, 2021 | Food and Drinks

It has been a year of trying new things.  I’ve always fancied myself as a good home cook, but after a while, even I got stuck in a rut.  I started following food blogs, watching cooking tutorials and trying new recipes. The best thing is most use ingredients you already have in your pantry and fridge.  

Below you’ll find three of my favorite chefs who offer menu inspiration, cooking tips, and more all through the internet. 


1- Alison Roman: You can buy her books, you can follow her Insta, or you can sign up for A-newsletter which literally delivers delicious meals easy to make right to your inbox. Even better, she’s recently added a YouTube channel to parallel her weekly recipes! 


2- Tiehgan Gerard: Where do we even start?! If Wicker Park Inn ever had an icon, it would be her. Her Insta page inspires beyond the plate, but it certainly makes you wonder why you HAVEN’T served yourself like you’re serving a fancy dinner date guest? Her dishes are deliciously simple, comforting, and nourishing. Get ready to mentally harvest and envision yourself setting the farm-table, lighting your organic wax candles, and using your foraged bouquet as a centerpiece 

3- Paide Adams: A Chicago resident (hey, neighbor) which means she totally gets that your dinner dishes need to nourish your soul because the state of the outside may not. She claims to wake up and already be thinking about what she’s going to cook for dinner.  A Midwest gal after our own heart. Her Insta posts offer easy to follow groups of crowd faves in her highlight reel and she never stops serving the impeccable snaps of everyday foods – truly an inspiration to us all!