Gym on the Go

February 19, 2020 | Wellness

Anyone can agree, getting to the gym is often the toughest part of getting healthier. The work while in the gym is tough too, but if you can get there, you’re golden. So what happens if you can’t physically make it to your gym or studio because of travel? We’ve got the perfect solution for your workout woes and the best way to keep your muscle memory strong. Most fitness enthusiasts will confirm, consistency is key. Keeping your routine up, even if it’s a micro-workout session, is an effort worth making. Below are a few packing hacks, hotel DIYs, and useful tools to try.    

-Pack a band! Utilizing a resistance band, which is virtually weightless (and packs flat), will seem too good to be true at first. There are a myriad of routines and exercises you can do with a band in your hotel room. You can reference Instagram, Pinterest or Google to find out the best exercises for your target areas. From legs and butt to core and arms, this easy to use tool is the first choice for workout enthusiasts everywhere while traveling.   

-Bring your yoga gear. Utilizing your yoga pants beyond the flight will encourage you to actually commit to a 30 minute session in-room, the hotel gym, at the office, or for a quick run. Skip the excuses and pack a versatile piece that will not only work for your travels but for your workout routine.   

-Wall Sits, Core, and More There are literally thousands of workout routines that require no workout gear whatsoever. High insensitive intervals can be done alone, in your hotel room, in just minutes. Use your phone to time your short bursts of cardio and the all for sits, stretches, or resistance.  -Classpass If you’re REALLY into gyms and not a self motivator then check out the Classpass app. It’s a membership based app that allows you to visit studios, gyms, spas and more literally all over the world. It’s an awesome way to get to know a neighborhood better or stick to your Barre routine without having to sign up for some random membership and hear a whole story about all the benefits of the “executive package”.     -YouTube Need an instructor but don’t want to foot the bill? Head over to Youtube and search workout routines in 15, 20, 30, 45 min or more sessions. You can tailor your results with the keywords you use to search. You’d be surprised to find yourself sweating after following along with a virtual instructor. Best part, no one will ever see you struggle to keep up.   -Wicker Park Fitness If you’re a guest at the Wicker Park Inn, you’re in luck!  We offer our guests free access to a local gym. Wicker Park Fitness is just a few blocks away from the B&B and offers classes, cardio equipment, and weights.  Best of all, you can get your sweat on any time of the day.  The gym is open as early at 4:30am and as late as midnight.   Now you can keep active while traveling!