Detox Your Home The Natural Way

July 26, 2020 | Wellness

Natural Cleaning Hacks for cleaning the house without toxic chemicals We take our cleaning seriously at the Wicker Park Inn.  Because we are constantly cleaning, we’ve perfected natural cleaning tricks that you can use at home.  Over the counter products can be harsh on surfaces, not to mention your skin. To remedy this, we use natural disinfectants to clean and sanitize.   

    Below you’ll find a handful of natural and easy options to consider during your next deep clean. Best of all, these natural tips are free of toxins. You’ll rest easy knowing your furry friend, baby, or loved one can basque in your abode without unsafe toxins around.  -Vacuum with a HEPA filter -Mop with hot water, a splash of vinegar and a drop of dish soap -Deodorize with baking soda -Buff surfaces with olive oil -Detox garbage disposal with half a lemon or lime -Remove carpet stains with vodka! -Use essential oils for the toilet -Steam microwave with water and vinegar -Use citrus peels and vinegar for an all-purpose cleaner with a fresh smell -Prevent shower curtain mold by mixing 5 tablespoons of salt with water and spray on shower curtains regularly When creating natural cleaners for your home, it is important to never combine ammonia-based cleaners with bleach. The results can be dangerous. Another item to note, natural cleaners may become less potent and effective after one day. It is recommended to make enough for what will be used at that time. Because these products have a short shelf life doesn’t mean they aren’t as effective.  Some are actually better than regular home cleaning products. You just need to make enough cleaning solution that you need for the day.  If you don’t feel like making your own cleaning products, there are a swell of websites, lists, and companies that cater to your natural needs. We love Seventh Generation, Method, and Mrs. Meyers for their natural potency, aroma, and toxin-free cleaning power.  Also, try Grove. They deliver the very best and safest products for your home – including your kitchen and personal care.