Celebrating Valentines Day In a Pandemic

February 5, 2022 | Things to Do

Thanks to the pandemic, we know there are so many ways to express our feelings virtually, or how to invest locally, or to explore gems near by.  This holiday, many may find it difficult to express our love and gratitude. We’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster these past two years.  But by showing love we receive love. It’s a good practice to think of others, and it’s proven to help get you out of your mental funk. To jump start your Valentine’s, we’ve created a list of ideas on how you can celebrate love, cherish the small stuff or people you hold dear. Even surprise a person you have a crush on. 

Staycay at WPI, dine local, recharge

We love LOVE. Our Inn is the perfect place not only for visitors of Chicago but many locals looking for a nights getaway from the home-office-gym-classroom. We cater to nurturing your time spent locally and quietly with us at Wicker Park Inn. We have  in-room packages available to customize your experience, or guides on where to explore within blocks from your room for dinner, drinks, or just a walk in the park. 

Gift a digital gift card for coffee and within the message ask to have a coffee date

Surprise a friend, co-worker, old travel buddy, relative, or loved one a cafe gift card. You can even send a Venmo payment with a note to meet them virtually over coffee to catch up!

Send love with an unexpected e-card!

You can send customized cards through a ton go different sites like Paperless Post. They create this really sweet experience of opening the cards as if it were real life but with glitter or confetti. Now, who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail – even if it’s virtual?!

Send a meal kit 

Surprise your partner, parent, or kid with a meal kit like Freshly sent directly to their door. Even better, order one for yourself and ask them to meet you on Google Hangouts. You can cook together in a shared virtual kitchen!

Uber Eats deliver their favorite meal from a restaurant 

Did you know you can totally Uber Eats deliver a tasty meal from a favored restaurant to a friend or loved one in almost any city that offers the service? This is great for surprising your pal with lunch, a pick-me-up snack (hello, Jeni’s ice cream from FoxTrot), or dinner from a fast food fave. 

Send a handwritten love letter 

Love letters scented with sweet perfume and sent by snail mail. It’s old, but it’s a classic. Best of all, it’s so unexpected. Send your old pal, sibling, parent, or partner a hand written note expressing your love and gratitude for just knowing them. This is 100% guaranteed to make them feel great.