3 Tips for Managing Your Home-Space During Covid Quarantine 

March 23, 2020 | ALL POSTS

With most of us working from home these days, it’s important to organize your space and manage your time to ensure you stay productive.  This is an extraordinary challenge.  We usually see our homes as sanctuaries from the daily routines of life.  Now, we need to reevaluate the spaces within our homes to create areas for work, e-learning, at home gym, and child-care.  Whether you have kids, roommates, a partner or pets, below are 3 tools for giving your home a shift in perspective and your sanity a space to breathe. 


1- Dedicate areas within your home (or spaces within a room – if you have a studio or rent a room) to your agenda. For example, if you “separate” your home-office from your entertainment area, you know that when you’re sitting in that dedicated space during your working hours, you are there to work. This can be the same for at-home schooling. This clearly defines your mental shift so you can focus on what matters most at that moment.


2- Block off time in specific chunks to the items you intend to do that day. Set alarms or be adamant about only dedicating a certain amount of time to each task. Take your lunch break, just as you would at the office, by going to the kitchen to cook or ordering food. Try to get out at least once a day.  It’s such a good idea to get some fresh air and much needed Vitamin D.  Be sure to stay 6 feet from folks you encounter while outside (but it’s ok to be close to your partner or kids).  And make sure to dedicate time to relax!


3- Repurpose your tabletops, plants, candles and other decorative items so these can be used to help define dedicated work areas.  For example, add a mint-diffuser in your “gym” area, add throw pillows and a plant in your work space.  These visually appealing items help reset the space and re-enforce the separation in your mind. 



It’s so important to stay at home as much as possible during this time.  It’s one little thing we can all do to keep our community safe. For more handy tips, please read our featured article 10 Easy Ways to Find More Space in Your Home.