Interactive Events and Experiences


Enhancing your stay with interactive activities!

We’re excited to announce experiences at the Wicker Park Inn! Book activities led by local hosts and add an experience on your next visit! Not a guest, no worries. Our events are open for all to participate and experience!

Asian Dumplings

Discover the flavorful world of Asian Dumplings! 

In this hands-on experience, our Chef Instructor will teach you how to make dumplings with an explosive flavor and a warm & chewy texture.

Guests will master the recipes for either a chicken or pork, and vegetarian filling to stuff their dumplings in the following traditional folding techniques: jiaozi, gyoza, and sheng jian bao.

Our Chef Instructor will demonstrate the technique behind the simple boiling methods to try at home in order to enjoy your future dumplings as fresh as possible.

Join us in the Wicker Park Inn kitchen. Classes available April 23 and 30th from 6:30-8:30pm. Use promo code WICKER10 for a 10% discount on tickets!

Cupcakes with Mom!

Cupcake Decorating Class 

Join us on May 3rd for a group cupcake decorating class in the Wicker Park Inn kitchen. The class is led by chef Kamilah White who is the owner of Intoxicakes, cupcakes inspired by popular cocktails!

This class is a hands on, creative and a fun bonding experience. Classes include both a cocktail inspired and non alcohol cupcake flavors. In the class you will learn basic techniques such as pipping and how to decorate cupcakes. After instruction and practice, each student will get a set of cupcakes to decorate and take home. Use discount code: MOM for a 10% discount.