5 Tips For Your Next Road Trip

September 15, 2020 | ALL POSTS

It’s true, summer 2020 was all about the road trip vacation. It’s no doubt that this alternative travel method will be continued through the fall and winter either for business, holidays, or leisure travel. Regardless of the reason, the folks at Wicker Park Inn have five tips to ensure your next road trip is one that is comfortable and memorable for all the right reasons. Remember, planning ahead helps a TON and knowing what you need to ensure your length drive isn’t a rough one, something that isn’t JUST a drive, will require a little more thought than hopping on a plan and enjoying the quick flight while your attendant serves you your favorite beverage on board. 

1- Pack the snacks that sustain (and that you like)

It’s important to know what type of snacks are best for you and your needs. This doesn’t mean they all have to be healthy! But it does mean you should ask yourself honestly which snacks will leave you awakened, nourished, store-well, and not require a lot of hands on work to consume. We suggest dried fruits like mangos, nectarines, figs, and bananas. Of course nuts and crackers are great for curbing a bite of hunger and don’t often make a large, greasy mess like a bag of chips might (although if you want a bag of Cheetos, we feel you, they’re pretty awesome). Snagging a meatier fruit or jerky can be an awesome back up when facing longer stretches of drives in remote areas without the possibility or easily accessed store to find a more substantial meal. 


2- Curate the perfect playlist

Music is the soundtrack to your entire trip! No pressure, but setting the tone with the right soundtrack to your long (or short) drive can make all the difference in mindset and maybe even driving patterns. If you know what sort of sights you might be driving through, or thinking about how you want to feel when you reach your destination can be a great muse for curating your playlist. Make sure its long enough to cover the full length of your drive. Lastly, mix it up with a handful of podcasts at your fingertips, downloaded, and ready to press play for when you need a break in your music lineup or just want to busy your mind with a good story. There is literally something for everyone – do a little research, ask your friends, and secure your stories for a ride!


3- Create a cozy space with a blanket, incense, or room spritzer

Set yourself up for success by curating your car-confines to be cozy just the way you like it. Pack a light blanket, a small pillow, slides or socks to make the time in your car more comfortable and easily nap if you’re not in the driver’s seat without having to dig through your trunk for the items. If you like incense, or a type of linen spray bring that along to to create good smells and set the tone for good vibes the whole way. 


4- Tech Support!

There are a TON of apps, gadgets, and other techie tricks that will literally make all of the difference during your drive. Of course our smartphones are doing all the heavy lifting by literally being your guide to get where you are going (and the fastest way possible without the tolls, or even suggest businesses that you need along the way like coffee, the pharmacy, gas, or dinner). But did you know that there are a slew of other helpful apps and gadgets for your car to support your phone, bluetooth, and other techie connects?! A mount is our number one suggestion for supporting your phone with ease during the drive. It also helps to look into apps specific to driving and road trips like Waze, Roadtrippers, Hotel Tonight, and Gas Buddy.


5- First Aid Kit

We shouldn’t have to say it but believe us, it will be a big help if you need it. You can snag a road trip travel first aid kit from most convenience and super stores. It’ll have the simple but effective items like antibiotic ointment, bandaids, and aspirin. It wouldn’t hurt to also grab a flashlight, batteries, reserve water and reflectors in case of an emergency on the road in a remote area