5 Outside Treats You Can Totally Make Inside

May 23, 2020 | Food and Drinks

Despite the times, there are numerous reasons to bring the outdoors inside. If it be weather related, physical restrictions, or that cute quarantine life, bringing the things you love about the outdoors inside is like an instant retreat to another setting. Remove yourself from the everyday trappings and welcome a wild reception of plants, activities, and snacks! In fact, it is the snacks that have allowed us to teleport our perception of “home” to the camp site, ball park, and backyard BBQ. Below you’ll find five “outdoor” snacks you should totally make inside over Memorial Day Weekend.

1- Smores

No need to hit the camp grounds to get the ultimate sweet treat: s’mores. As most of us know the ingredients are simply acquired and easily replicated at home over the stove. BUT did you know there are more ways than one to make smores? Check it out here

2- Chicago-style Dog

If this isn’t the most iconic Chicago summer snack, we don’t know what is. Since ballparks are not in our immediate future, play an old game on your laptop or find an audio track of a past famous game. Add a few dogs to the scenario and you’re basically living your best summer time chi. Find the recipe here!

3- BBQ

BBQ is never a bad idea. Just be sure to prepare by giving yourself time to marinate the necessary mediums and open up your windows to ensure your neighbors won’t worry about the smoke…or get too jealous about the delicious smells. Godspeed. 

4- Trail Mix (but homemade)

Sure, this is an easy go to snack for our healthier readers and sure you can buy this at most convince shops. BUT take the mix to the next level and make trial mix from scratch and swap with all the ingredients you actually like. Here’s an easy guide

5- Snow Cone

Yes, you read that correctly. Did you know you can make snow cones at home?! No need to wait in long lines for your cool treat – and make an array of flavors including adding your favorite alcohol to spice it up. The essential summer snack only requires 3 ingredients that will cost you less than $5. Check out how to make yours here